Senior Software Engineer

Kingland Systems   Clear Lake, IA   Full-time     Information Services / Technology (IT)
Posted on July 27, 2022
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Senior Software Engineer, Kingland, Ames, IA. Requires Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, or similar field, and 5 years progressive software engineering experience or Master’s and 2 years experience. Also requires 2 years experience with technologies: Angular 7; Java 8 or equivalent Java version; Spring Boot or equivalent Java Web Framework; Spring Security or equivalent Java Web Security Framework; Python 3 or equivalent Python version; Apache Spark and Python Spark; AWS ECS, EMR, EC2, EC2 Load Balancing and EC2 Security Practices and Firewalls; AWS Step Functions, Lambda Functions, CloudWatch and CloudWatch Canary; AWS S3, IAM, WAF, Cross-Availability Zone disaster recovery patterns and Cross-Region disaster recovery patterns; ElasticSearch search index, or equivalent lucene-based search index; Docker or equivalent containerization platforms; Terraform Infrastructure as Code; PostgreSQL or equivalent relational database; Gradle Build tool or equivalent java build and dependency management system; Java Artifact Repository and deployment; Jenkins CI/CD Pipelines or equivalent CI/CD platform; Gauge Automated Testing; Enterprise Application design and implementation; and Log Aggregation Methods, Log Management, SumoLogic Log aggregation. 

Kingland Systems

Clear Lake , IA