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Posted on November 11, 2022
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Typical work schedule will be M-Thurs, 5:30am - 4:00pm.  Position will be embedded into the NS Interceptor Operations group providing engineering support.  Once the selected candidate becomes proficient at required support, a more flexible schedule may be considered. 

Brief Description:

Under broad guidance, the Interceptor Engineer is responsible for:
a. Communicating the HRSD mission, vision, and values
b. Providing design, review and analysis of projects that help HRSD and the larger community achieve HRSD’s mission and environmental goals
c. Managing the delivery of a portfolio of Capital Improvement Plan projects through staff
d. Serving as HRSD interface with professionals, government officials or private citizens desiring to access HRSD services
e. Coordinating with Engineering Design and Construction Project Managers particularly from an operations support standpoint
f. Assisting in connection location selection
g. Monitoring construction, from review of project design plans to performing acceptance inspections and enforcing HRSD standards, easements, requirements and policies
h. Providing Operations with engineering analysis, design and construction support for technical problems and system anomalies
i. Preparing annual Capital Improvement Plan projects and reviewing Operating budgets
j. Planning and implementing innovative programs to continually improve safety, morale, wellbeing, training, and professional development for all interceptor operations employees
k. Monitoring system compliance with all applicable permits and regulations
l. Providing leadership in the management of and communications to all interceptor operations employees
m. Manages, mentors and develops staff to promote succession planning at HRSD
Job Requirements:
a. Education
1. Required 
BS degree in appropriate engineering field such as civil, mechanical or environmental
2. Desired 
MS in civil, mechanical or environmental engineering
Training in the principles of quality management and strategic planning 
b. Experience
1. Required
Four years experience focused on the design of sewerage facilities to include pump stations, pipelines, including project management
2. Desired
a) Experience in the operation, maintenance and construction of sewerage facilities
b) Experience in hydraulic modeling 
c) Professional Engineering licensure
c. Training Levels
Personnel in this category are fully qualified at Grade 9 with appropriate BS degree, P.E. License and 4 years of experience.  While a fully qualified selection is desired, the following training levels and years of experience are established for personnel who are not fully qualified and do not possess the required PE license:
Grade 9a - BS degree plus 4 years relevant experience or MS degree and 2 years relevant experience
Grade 9b - BS degree and 3 years relevant experience or MS degree and 1year relevant experience 
Grade 9c - BS degree and 2 years relevant experience or MS degree and no experience
Grade 9d - BS degree and 1year relevant experience
Grade 9e - BS degree and no experience
NOTE: Master's Degree in Engineering is equivalent to two years of experience
c. Job-specific Technical Competencies
1. Required
a) Knowledge of project management techniques
b) Knowledge of personnel management and development techniques
c) Knowledge of industry standard civil design and analysis assumptions
d) Knowledge of estimating techniques for geometric layout of utilities and other site elements
e) Knowledge of cost estimating techniques to support decision making with respect to HRSD Capital Improvement Projects
f) Basic knowledge of procurement standards 
g) Knowledge of common chemical processes in sewage and their impact on pipeline operation
h) Knowledge of preventative maintenance practices for water/sewer utilities
i) Knowledge of protective measures for utilities (physical clearances, corrosion protection, installation methods)
j) Knowledge of Pipeline and Pump Station Design, Startup, and Operation
k) Knowledge of Common construction methods for excavation, compaction, pile driving, pipeline laying
l) Ability to use MS Office products and a variety of other industry-specific programs (GIS, Mike Urban, Meridian, etc.) at an advanced level of proficiency
m) Ability to evaluate designed engineering plans to for compliance with HRSD standards and reasonable engineering practice
n) Ability to perform complex hydraulic calculations
o) Ability to schedule, craft, & generate detailed interceptor system studies in a structured logical sequence.
p) Ability to determine needed data and explains data requirements to those responsible for retrieving it
q) Ability to model and analyze real-world conditions with computer models:  demonstrates an understanding of strengths/limitations of such models
2. Desired
a) Knowledge of CADD
b) Knowledge of GIS
c) Knowledge of CMMS (or equivalent)
d) Knowledge of HRSD and OSHA Safety Standards with respect to excavations, confined space entry, and similar job sites
e) Knowledge of wastewater demand computation methods and assumptions
f) Knowledge of troubleshooting methods for analysis of pump station and pipeline operations
g) Knowledge of general design preferences for wastewater design and approval procedures for local development and capital improvement projects
h) Knowledge of State Sewage Collection and Treatment (SCAT) Regulations.
i) Knowledge of land property rights including easement restrictions, right-of-way permits, etc.
j) Skill in using a transit, survey tape, electronic distance measuring, and level to perform light survey tasks
d. Special Licenses
a) Valid driver’s license from state of residence
b) Professional Engineer License
e. HRSD Universal Competencies 

HRSD is committed to being an equal opportunity employer. HRSD does not discriminate against individuals in employment on the basis of race, sex, including sexual orientation, pregnancy, religion, color, national origin, age, disability, military or veteran status, genetic information, engaging in protected activity or any additional protected characteristics recognized by federal, state and local law.

HRSD is a Drug Free Workplace.